Tuesday, February 16, 2010

#20 Raticate

For the few who actually used Ratatta, they evolved it into a Raticate at lv.20 and JESUS CHRIST HYPER FANG. How is this attack SO strong in the original game? Dude you KNOW you had trouble with that one Team Rocket member in Mt. Moon who had the Raticate that spammed Hyper Fang at you. You know you did.

#19 Ratatta

Oh Ratatta, you are so useless. Nobody used you. Go away.

#18 Pidgeot

Pidgeot had such a terrible sprite back in this game. This did not stop it from being one of the most popular endgame Pokemon ever aside from starter Pokemon however! Seriously, who DIDN'T have a Pidgeot in their party when they faced down the Elite Four?

#17 Pidgeotto

I never got why Ash caught a Pidgeotto as one of his first Pokemon. Whatever happened to that thing anyway? I remember him catching it and to my memory, NEVER SEEING IT AGAIN. Man they show his Tauros ranch more than they showed this Pidgeotto.

#16 Pidgey

Everybody who ever caught a Pidgey ever kept that little guy in their team throughout THE ENTIRETY OF THE GAME. Don't even lie. You know you did.

#15 Beedrill

Beedrill was perhaps my favorite Pokemon on my team whenever I played through the game a few years ago. Well, up to a point anyway. There is always that point where Bug type Pokemon become totally useless. 'Tis a sad tale.

#14 Kakuna

Kakuna was so much cooler than Metapod, but what isn't?

This video made me laugh, hard. I have NO idea why.